Class Acts::ITrackingGeometryBuilder

class ITrackingGeometryBuilder

Interface class for the TrackingGeometry building, this is used by the TrackingGeometrySvc to build the geoemtry.

The TrackingGeometry is written to the detector store and thus not created as a std::shared_ptr.

The TrackingGeometry is returned as a non-const object in order to recreate from conditions callback if necessary.

Subclassed by Acts::KDTreeTrackingGeometryBuilder, Acts::TrackingGeometryBuilder

Public Functions

virtual ~ITrackingGeometryBuilder() = default

Virtual destructor.

virtual std::unique_ptr<const TrackingGeometry> trackingGeometry(const GeometryContext &gctx) const = 0

TrackingGeometry Interface methode.


gctx – ist the geometry context for witch the geometry is built


unique pointer to a newly created TrackingGeometry