Struct Acts::AdaptiveMultiVertexFitter::Config

struct Config

Public Functions

inline Config(const IPEstimator &est)

Config constructor.


est – ImpactPointEstimator

Public Members

AnnealingUtility annealingTool

Annealing tool used for a thermodynamic annealing scheme for the track weight factors in such a way that with high temperature values (at the beginning) only a slight preference is given to tracks compatible with the estimated vertex position.

With lower temperatures the weighting get stricter such that all incompatible tracks will be dropped at the end while keeping all compatible tracks with a weight=1. Ref. (1): CERN-THESIS-2010-027, Author: Piacquadio, Giacinto: Identification of b-jets and investigation of the discovery potential of a Higgs boson in the WH−−>lvbb¯ channel with the ATLAS experiment

bool doSmoothing = {false}
IPEstimator ipEst
double maxDistToLinPoint = {0.5}
unsigned int maxIterations = {30}
double maxRelativeShift = {0.01}
double minWeight = {0.0001}