Struct Acts::NumericalTrackLinearizer::Config

struct Config

Configuration struct.

Public Functions

inline Config(std::shared_ptr<const MagneticFieldProvider> bIn, std::shared_ptr<const Propagator_t> prop)

@ Config constructor if magnetic field is present

  • bIn – The magnetic field

  • prop – The propagator

inline Config(std::shared_ptr<const Propagator_t> prop)

Config constructor without B field -> uses NullBField.


prop – Propagator

Public Members

std::shared_ptr<const MagneticFieldProvider> bField
ActsScalar delta = 1e-8

Setting size of the perturbation delta for calculation of numerical derivatives (i.e., f’(x) ~ (f(x+delta) - f(x)) / delta)

std::shared_ptr<const Propagator_t> propagator
ActsScalar targetTolerance = 1e-12

Tolerance determining how close we need to get to a surface to reach it during propagation.