Struct Acts::TripletCandidate

template<typename external_space_point_t>
struct TripletCandidate

A description of a triplet candidate.

Template Parameters

external_space_point_t – The external spacepoint type.

Public Functions

TripletCandidate() = default

Default Constructor.

inline TripletCandidate(external_space_point_t &b, external_space_point_t &m, external_space_point_t &t, float w, float z, bool q)


  • b – The bottom space point

  • m – The middle space point

  • t – The top space point

  • w – The quality of the candidate

  • z – The z coordinate of the origin

  • q – Whether the candidate is high or low quality

TripletCandidate(const TripletCandidate&) = default

Copy operations.

TripletCandidate(TripletCandidate&&) = default

Move operations.

~TripletCandidate() = default

Default Destructor.

TripletCandidate &operator=(const TripletCandidate&) = default
TripletCandidate &operator=(TripletCandidate&&) = default

Public Members

external_space_point_t *bottom = {nullptr}
bool isQuality = {false}
external_space_point_t *middle = {nullptr}
external_space_point_t *top = {nullptr}
float weight = {0.}
float zOrigin = {0.}