Struct Acts::MaterialInteraction

struct MaterialInteraction

The Material interaction struct It records the surface and the passed material This is only necessary recorded when configured.

Public Members

double deltaP = 0.0

The momentum change due to the interaction.

Vector3 direction = Vector3(0., 0., 0)

The particle direction at the interaction.

Vector3 intersection = Vector3(0., 0., 0)

The position where the interaction occurred.

GeometryIdentifier intersectionID

The ID where the interaction occurred.

MaterialSlab materialSlab

The effective, passed material properties including the path correction.

double pathCorrection = 1.

The path correction factor due to non-zero incidence on the surface.

Vector3 position = Vector3(0., 0., 0)

The particle position at the interaction.

double sigmaPhi2 = 0.0

Expected phi variance due to the interactions.

double sigmaQoP2 = 0.0

Expected q/p variance due to the interactions.

double sigmaTheta2 = 0.0

Expected theta variance due to the interactions.

const Surface *surface = nullptr

The surface where the interaction occurred.

double time = 0.0

The particle time at the interaction.

bool updatedVolumeStep = false

Update the volume step to implement the proper step size.

const TrackingVolume *volume = nullptr

The volume where the interaction occurred.