Struct Acts::AtlasStepper::State

struct State

Nested State struct for the local caching.

Public Functions

State() = delete

Default constructor - deleted.

template<typename Parameters>
inline State(const GeometryContext &gctx, MagneticFieldProvider::Cache fieldCacheIn, const Parameters &pars, Direction ndir = Direction::Forward, double ssize = std::numeric_limits<double>::max(), double stolerance = s_onSurfaceTolerance)


Template Parameters

Type – of TrackParameters

  • gctx[in] The geometry context tof this call

  • fieldCacheIn[in] The magnetic field cache for this call

  • pars[in] Input parameters

  • ndir[in] The navigation direction w.r.t. parameters

  • ssize[in] the steps size limitation

  • stolerance[in] is the stepping tolerance

Public Members

Covariance cov = Covariance::Zero()
const Covariance *covariance = nullptr
bool covTransport = false
bool debug = false

Debug output the string where debug messages are stored (optionally)

size_t debugMsgWidth = 50
size_t debugPfxWidth = 30

buffer & formatting for consistent output

std::string debugString = ""
Vector3 field
MagneticFieldProvider::Cache fieldCache

It caches the current magnetic field cell and stays (and interpolates) within as long as this is valid.

See step() code for details.

std::reference_wrapper<const GeometryContext> geoContext

Cache the geometry context.

double jacobian[eBoundSize * eBoundSize] = {}
double maxPathLength = 0
bool mcondition = false
Direction navDir = Direction::Forward
bool needgradient = false
bool newfield = true
double parameters[eBoundSize] = {0., 0., 0., 0., 0., 0.}

Storage pattern of pVector /dL0 /dL1 /dPhi /the /dCM /dT X ->P[0] dX / P[ 8] P[16] P[24] P[32] P[40] P[48] Y ->P[1] dY / P[ 9] P[17] P[25] P[33] P[41] P[49] Z ->P[2] dZ / P[10] P[18] P[26] P[34] P[42] P[50] T ->P[3] dT/ P[11] P[19] P[27] P[35] P[43] P[51] Ax ->P[4] dAx/ P[12] P[20] P[28] P[36] P[44] P[52] Ay ->P[5] dAy/ P[13] P[21] P[29] P[37] P[45] P[53] Az ->P[6] dAz/ P[14] P[22] P[30] P[38] P[46] P[54] CM ->P[7] dCM/ P[15] P[23] P[31] P[39] P[47] P[55] Cache: P[56] - P[59].

double pathAccumulated = 0.
double previousStepSize = 0.
std::array<double, 60> pVector = {}
bool state_ready = false
double step = 0
ConstrainedStep stepSize
double tolerance = s_onSurfaceTolerance

The tolerance for the stepping.

bool useJacobian = false