Struct Acts::PathLimitReached

struct PathLimitReached

This is the condition that the pathLimit has been reached.

Public Functions

template<typename propagator_state_t, typename stepper_t, typename navigator_t>
inline bool operator()(propagator_state_t &state, const stepper_t &stepper, const navigator_t &navigator, const Logger &logger) const

boolean operator for abort condition without using the result

Template Parameters
  • propagator_state_t – Type of the propagator state

  • stepper_t – Type of the stepper

  • navigator_t – Type of the navigator

  • state[inout] The propagation state object

  • stepper[in] Stepper used for propagation

  • navigator[in] Navigator used for propagation

  • logger – a logger instance

Public Members

double internalLimit = std::numeric_limits<double>::max()

Boolean switch for Loop protection.