Struct ActsFatras::Channelizer::ChannelStep

struct ChannelStep

Nested struct for stepping from one channel to the next.

Public Functions

inline ChannelStep(BinDelta2D delta_, Acts::Vector2 intersect_, const Acts::Vector2 &start)

Constructor with arguments for a ChannelStep.

  • delta_ – The bin delta for this step

  • intersect_ – The intersect with the channel boundary

  • start – The start of the surface segment, for path from origin

inline bool operator<(const ChannelStep &cstep) const

Smaller operator for sorting the ChannelStep objects.

The ChannelStep objects can be compared with its path distance from the start (surface segment origin)


cstep – The other ChannelStep to be compared

Public Members

BinDelta2D delta = {0, 0}

This is the delta to the last step in bins.

Acts::Vector2 intersect

The intersection with the channel boundary.

double path = 0.

The patlength from the start.