Struct Acts::WrappingConfig

struct WrappingConfig

The WrappingSetup that is happening here.

Public Functions

WrappingConfig() = default


inline void configureContainerVolume()

configure the new Volume

inline std::string toString() const

Method for output formatting.

inline void wrapInsertAttach()

wrap, insert, attach

Public Members

VolumeConfig containerVolumeConfig

the combined volume

VolumeConfig cVolumeConfig
VolumeConfig existingVolumeConfig

existing volume config with potential gaps

VolumeConfig externalVolumeConfig

externally provided config, this can only change the the ncp volumes

VolumeConfig fGapVolumeConfig
VolumeConfig nVolumeConfig

the new volumes

VolumeConfig pVolumeConfig
VolumeConfig sGapVolumeConfig
WrappingCondition wCondition = Undefined
std::string wConditionScreen = "[left untouched]"