Struct Acts::Experimental::GsfExtensions

template<typename traj_t>
struct GsfExtensions

The extensions needed for the GSF.

Public Types

using Calibrator = Delegate<void(const GeometryContext&, TrackStateProxy)>
using ConstTrackStateProxy = typename traj_t::ConstTrackStateProxy
using OutlierFinder = Delegate<bool(ConstTrackStateProxy)>
using TrackStateProxy = typename traj_t::TrackStateProxy
using Updater = Delegate<Result<void>(const GeometryContext&, TrackStateProxy, Direction, const Logger&)>

Public Functions

inline GsfExtensions()

Default constructor which connects the default void components.

Public Members

Calibrator calibrator

The Calibrator is a dedicated calibration algorithm that allows to calibrate measurements using track information, this could be e.g.

sagging for wires, module deformations, etc.

OutlierFinder outlierFinder

Determines whether a measurement is supposed to be considered as an outlier.

Updater updater

The updater incorporates measurement information into the track parameters.