Struct ActsFatras::Channel

template<typename signal_t, size_t kSize>
struct Channel

A channel definition: Cell identification, readout word, links.

Template Parameters
  • signal_t – Type of the signal, requires += operator

  • kSize – Number of channel coordinates

Public Functions

inline Channel(std::array<Cell, kSize> cellId_, signal_t value_, std::unordered_set<unsigned int> links_ = {})

Channel constructor.

  • cellId_ – The Cell idenficiation and position

  • value_ – The Cell value

  • links_ – The (optional) links to e.g. truth indices

Channel() = delete

Public Members

std::array<Cell, kSize> cellId

The cell identification in sizeof..(kParameters) dimensions.

std::unordered_set<unsigned int> links = {}

The potential (truth) links.

signal_t value = 0

The signal value, as complex as possible, but need += operator and double() cast for the weight.