Struct Acts::KalmanFitterOptions

template<typename traj_t>
struct KalmanFitterOptions

Combined options for the Kalman fitter.

Template Parameters

traj_t – The trajectory type

Public Functions

inline KalmanFitterOptions(const GeometryContext &gctx, const MagneticFieldContext &mctx, std::reference_wrapper<const CalibrationContext> cctx, KalmanFitterExtensions<traj_t> extensions_, const PropagatorPlainOptions &pOptions, const Surface *rSurface = nullptr, bool mScattering = true, bool eLoss = true, bool rFiltering = false, double rfScaling = 1.0, const FreeToBoundCorrection &freeToBoundCorrection_ = FreeToBoundCorrection(false))

PropagatorOptions with context.

  • gctx – The goemetry context for this fit

  • mctx – The magnetic context for this fit

  • cctx – The calibration context for this fit

  • extensions_ – The KF extensions

  • pOptions – The plain propagator options

  • rSurface – The reference surface for the fit to be expressed at

  • mScattering – Whether to include multiple scattering

  • eLoss – Whether to include energy loss

  • rFiltering – Whether to run filtering in reversed direction as smoothing

  • rfScaling – Scale factor for the covariance matrix before the backward filtering

  • freeToBoundCorrection_ – Correction for non-linearity effect during transform from free to bound

KalmanFitterOptions() = delete

Contexts are required and the options must not be default-constructible.

Public Members

std::reference_wrapper<const CalibrationContext> calibrationContext

context object for the calibration

bool energyLoss = true

Whether to consider energy loss.

KalmanFitterExtensions<traj_t> extensions
FreeToBoundCorrection freeToBoundCorrection

Whether to include non-linear correction during global to local transformation.

std::reference_wrapper<const GeometryContext> geoContext

Context object for the geometry.

std::reference_wrapper<const MagneticFieldContext> magFieldContext

Context object for the magnetic field.

bool multipleScattering = true

Whether to consider multiple scattering.

PropagatorPlainOptions propagatorPlainOptions

The trivial propagator options.

const Surface *referenceSurface = nullptr

The reference Surface.

bool reversedFiltering = false

Whether to run filtering in reversed direction overwrite the ReverseFilteringLogic.

double reversedFilteringCovarianceScaling = 1.0

Factor by which the covariance of the input of the reversed filtering is scaled.

This is only used in the backwardfiltering (if reversedFiltering is true or if the ReverseFilteringLogic return true for the track of interest)