Struct Acts::MultiEigenStepperLoop::ComponentProxy

struct ComponentProxy : public Acts::MultiEigenStepperLoop<extensionlist_t, component_reducer_t, auctioneer_t>::ComponentProxyBase<State::Component>

A proxy struct which allows access to a single component of the multi-component state.

It has the semantics of a mutable reference, i.e. it requires a mutable reference of the single-component state it represents

Public Types

using Base = ComponentProxyBase<typename State::Component>

Public Functions

inline ComponentProxy(typename State::Component &c, const State &s)
inline Result<BoundState> boundState(const Surface &surface, bool transportCov, const FreeToBoundCorrection &freeToBoundCorrection)
inline auto &cov()
inline auto &derivative()
inline auto &jacobian()
inline auto &jacToGlobal()
inline auto &jacTransport()
inline auto &pars()
inline auto &pathAccumulated()
template<typename propagator_state_t>
inline auto singleState(propagator_state_t &state)
inline auto &status()
inline void update(const FreeVector &freeParams, const BoundVector &boundParams, const Covariance &covariance, const Surface &surface)
inline auto &weight()

Public Members

const State &all_state