Struct Acts::DirectNavigator::Initializer

struct Initializer

Nested Actor struct, called Initializer.

This is needed for the initialization of the surface sequence

Public Types

using result_type = this_result

Public Functions

Initializer() = default

Defaulting the constructor.

template<typename propagator_state_t, typename stepper_t, typename navigator_t>
inline void operator()(propagator_state_t &state, const stepper_t&, const navigator_t&, result_type &r, const Logger&) const

Actor operator call.

Template Parameters
  • statet – Type of the full propagator state

  • stepper_t – Type of the stepper

  • navigator_t – Type of the navigator

  • state – the entire propagator state

  • r – the result of this Actor

Public Members

SurfaceSequence navSurfaces = {}

The Surface sequence.

struct this_result

Actor result / state.

Public Members

bool initialized = false