Struct ActsFatras::Cluster

template<typename signal_t, size_t kSize>
struct Cluster

A (simulated) cluster with its constituents.

Template Parameters
  • signal_t – Type of the signal carried, see above

  • kSize – Number of cluster coordinates

Public Types

using CovarianceMatrix = Acts::ActsSymMatrix<kSize>
using ParametersVector = Acts::ActsVector<kSize>
using Scalar = Acts::ActsScalar

Public Functions

template<typename parameters_t, typename covariance_t>
inline Cluster(const Eigen::MatrixBase<parameters_t> &p, const Eigen::MatrixBase<covariance_t> &c, std::array<unsigned int, kSize> cSize, std::vector<Channel<signal_t, kSize>> cChannels)

Cluster constructor.

  • p – Measured parameters

  • c – Measurement covariance

  • cSize – The cluster size definition

  • cChannels – The channel

Cluster() = delete

Public Members

std::vector<Channel<signal_t, kSize>> channels

The constituating signal channels.

std::array<unsigned int, kSize> clusterSize

The resulting cluster size along each channel dimension.

CovarianceMatrix covariance = CovarianceMatrix::Zero()

Measurement covariance.

ParametersVector parameters = ParametersVector::Zero()

Measured parameters.