Struct Acts::Experimental::BetheHeitlerApproxSingleCmp

struct BetheHeitlerApproxSingleCmp

This class approximates the Bethe-Heitler with only one component.

This is mainly inside AtlasBetheHeitlerApprox, but can also be used as the only component approximation (then probably for debugging)

Public Functions

inline constexpr auto numComponents() const

Returns the number of components the returned mixture will have.

inline constexpr bool validXOverX0(ActsScalar x) const

Checks if an input is valid for the parameterization.

The threshold for x/x0 is 0.002 and orientates on the values used in ATLAS

Public Static Functions

static inline auto mixture(const ActsScalar x)

Returns array with length 1 containing a 1-component-representation of the Bethe-Heitler-Distribution.


x – pathlength in terms of the radiation length