Struct Acts::MultiEigenStepperLoop::State

struct State

Public Functions

State() = delete

No default constructor is provided.

template<typename charge_t>
inline explicit State(const GeometryContext &gctx, const MagneticFieldContext &mctx, const std::shared_ptr<const MagneticFieldProvider> &bfield, const MultiComponentBoundTrackParameters<charge_t> &multipars, Direction ndir = Direction::Forward, double ssize = std::numeric_limits<double>::max())

Constructor from the initial bound track parameters.


the covariance matrix is copied when needed

Template Parameters

charge_t – Type of the bound parameter charge

  • gctx[in] is the context object for the geometry

  • mctx[in] is the context object for the magnetic field

  • bfield[in] the shared magnetic filed provider

  • multipars[in] The track multi-component track-parameters at start

  • ndir[in] The navigation direction w.r.t momentum

  • ssize[in] is the maximum step size

Public Members

SmallVector<Component> components

The components of which the state consists.

bool covTransport = false
std::reference_wrapper<const GeometryContext> geoContext


std::reference_wrapper<const MagneticFieldContext> magContext


Direction navDir
double pathAccumulated = 0.
std::optional<std::size_t> stepCounterAfterFirstComponentOnSurface

Step-limit counter which limits the number of steps when one component reached a surface.

std::size_t steps = 0
struct Component

The struct that stores the individual components.

Public Members

SingleState state
Intersection3D::Status status
ActsScalar weight