Struct Acts::RiddersPropagator::result_type_helper

template<typename parameters_t, typename action_list_t>
struct result_type_helper

Helper struct determining the result’s type.

This helper struct provides type definitions to extract the correct propagation result type from a given TrackParameter type and an ActionList.


The result_type_helper struct and the action_list_t_result_t are here to allow a look’n’feel of this class like the Propagator itself

Template Parameters
  • parameters_t – Type of final track parameters

  • action_list_t – List of propagation action types

Public Types

using this_result_type = PropagatorResult<parameters_t, args...>

Propagation result type for an arbitrary list of additional propagation results.

Template Parameters

args – Parameter pack specifying additional propagation results

using type = typename action_list_t::template result_type<this_result_type>

Propagation result type derived from a given action list.