Struct Acts::PropagatorPlainOptions

struct PropagatorPlainOptions

Class holding the trivial options in propagator options.

Subclassed by Acts::PropagatorOptions< action_list_t, aborter_list_t >

Public Members

int absPdgCode = PdgParticle::ePionPlus

The |pdg| code for (eventual) material integration - pion default.

Direction direction = Direction::Forward

Propagation direction.

double loopFraction = 0.5

Allowed loop fraction, 1 is a full loop.

bool loopProtection = true

Loop protection step, it adapts the pathLimit.

double mass = 139.57018 * UnitConstants::MeV

The mass of the particle for (eventual) material integration - pion default.

unsigned int maxRungeKuttaStepTrials = 10000

Maximum number of Runge-Kutta steps for the stepper step call.

unsigned int maxSteps = 1000

Maximum number of steps for one propagate call.

double maxStepSize = std::numeric_limits<double>::max()

Absolute maximum step size.

double pathLimit = std::numeric_limits<double>::max()

Absolute maximum path length.

double stepSizeCutOff = 0.

Cut-off value for the step size.

double targetTolerance = s_onSurfaceTolerance

Required tolerance to reach target (surface, pathlength)

double tolerance = 1e-4

Tolerance for the error of the integration.