Struct Acts::DigitizationStep

struct DigitizationStep

DigitizationStep for further handling.

Public Functions

inline DigitizationStep()

this is the cell position

Standard constructor

inline DigitizationStep(double sl, double dl, const DigitizationCell &dc, const Vector3 &entryP, const Vector3 &exitP, const Vector2 &projectedPosition, const Vector2 &cellPosition)

Constructor with arguments.

  • sl – step length of this step

  • dl – drift length of this step

  • dc – is the digitization zell (with indices)

  • entryP – is the entry position into the cell

  • exitP – is the exit position from the cell

  • projectedPosition – is the position on the readout surface

  • cellPosition – is the nominal position of the cell

Public Members

double driftLength = {0.}

this is the path length within the cell

DigitizationCell stepCell

this is the path length of the setp center to the readout surface

Vector2 stepCellCenter

this is the projected position at the readout surface

Vector3 stepEntry

this is the cell identifier of the segment

Vector3 stepExit

this is the Entry point into the segment

double stepLength = {0.}
Vector2 stepReadoutProjected

this is the Exit point from the segment