Struct Acts::KDTreeTrackingGeometryBuilder::Config

struct Config

Nested Configuration for this TrackingGeometryBuilder.

Public Members

std::shared_ptr<const GeometryIdentifierHook> geometryIdentifierHook = std::make_shared<GeometryIdentifierHook>()

Optional geometry identifier hook to be used during closure.

std::string hierarchyIndent = "  "

For screen output.

std::shared_ptr<const LayerCreator> layerCreator = nullptr

The layer creator - for sensitives.

ProtoDetector protoDetector

The proto tracking geometry description.

std::vector<std::shared_ptr<Surface>> surfaces = {}

The created surfaces.

std::shared_ptr<const ITrackingVolumeHelper> trackingVolumeHelper = nullptr

The tracking volume helper for detector construction.