Struct Acts::SinglyCharged

struct SinglyCharged

Charge and momentum interpretation for particles with +-e charge.

Public Functions

SinglyCharged() = default
template<typename T>
inline constexpr SinglyCharged(T absQ) noexcept

Construct and verify the input charge magnitude (in debug builds).

This constructor is only provided to allow consistent construction.

template<typename T>
inline constexpr T extractCharge(T qOverP) const noexcept
template<typename T>
inline constexpr T extractMomentum(T qOverP) const noexcept


inline friend constexpr bool operator==(SinglyCharged, SinglyCharged) noexcept

Compare for equality.

This is always true as SinglyCharged has no internal state. Must be available to provide a consistent interface.