Struct Acts::ViewConfig

struct ViewConfig

Struct to concentrate all visualization configurations in order to harmonize visualization interfaces.

Public Functions

inline ViewConfig(bool vis = true)

Constructor to switch visibility off.

inline ViewConfig(const ColorRGB &rgb)

Constructor for color settings only.

Public Members

ColorRGB color = {250, 0, 0}

The RGB color for this object.

double lineThickness = 0.15

The visual line thickness for this object.

unsigned int nSegments = 72

The number of segments to approximate full 2pi.

double offset = 0.1

Out of plane drawing parameter for objects.

std::string outputName = ""

Write name - non-empty string indicates writing.

double surfaceThickness = 0.15

The visual surface thickness for this object.

bool triangulate = false

Whether to triangulate or not.

bool visible = true

Visible flag.