Struct Acts::Experimental::BoundVolumesGrid1Impl

struct BoundVolumesGrid1Impl : public Acts::Experimental::INavigationDelegate

This is used for volumes that are indexed in a bound 1-dimensional grid, e.g.

a z-spaced array, or an r-spaced array of volumes.

Public Functions

inline BoundVolumesGrid1Impl(const std::vector<ActsScalar> &gBoundaries, BinningValue bValue, const std::vector<const DetectorVolume*> &cVolumes, const Transform3 &bTransform = Transform3::Identity()) noexcept(false)

Allowed constructor with explicit arguments.

  • gBoundaries – the grid boundaries

  • bValue – the binning value

  • cVolumes – the contained volumes

  • bTransform – is the optional transform

BoundVolumesGrid1Impl() = delete
inline void update(const GeometryContext &gctx, NavigationState &nState) const

This updator relies on an 1D single index grid.

  • gctx – the geometry context

  • nState – [in,out] the navigation state to be updated

Public Members

IndexedUpdator indexedUpdator