Struct Acts::TGeoLayerBuilder::LayerConfig

struct LayerConfig

Helper config structs for volume parsing.

Public Types

using RangeConfig = std::pair<BinningValue, std::pair<double, double>>
using SplitConfig = std::pair<BinningValue, double>

Public Functions

inline LayerConfig()

Public Members

std::vector<std::pair<int, BinningType>> binning0 = {{-1, equidistant}}

Binning setup in l0: nbins (-1 -> automated), axis binning type.

std::vector<std::pair<int, BinningType>> binning1 = {{-1, equidistant}}

Binning setup in l1: nbins (-1 -> automated), axis binning type.

std::pair<double, double> envelope = {1 * UnitConstants::mm, 1 * UnitConstants::mm}

The envelope to be built around the layer.

std::string localAxes = "XYZ"

The local axis definition of TGeo object to Acts::Surface.

std::vector<RangeConfig> parseRanges = {}

Parse ranges: parameter and ranges.

std::vector<std::string> sensorNames = {}

Identify the sensor(s) by name.

std::vector<SplitConfig> splitConfigs = {}

Layer splitting: parameter and tolerance.

std::string volumeName = ""

Identify the search volume by name.