Struct ActsFatras::SimulationResult

struct SimulationResult

Single particle simulation result (and intermediate state).

This result struct is used by multiple components and is thus defined separately from its usage.

Public Members

std::vector<Particle> generatedParticles

Additional particles generated by interactions or decay.

std::vector<Hit> hits

Hits created by the particle.

bool isAlive = true
Particle::Scalar l0Limit = std::numeric_limits<Particle::Scalar>::quiet_NaN()
size_t l0Process = SIZE_MAX
Particle particle

Current/ final particle state.

Particle::Scalar properTimeLimit = std::numeric_limits<Particle::Scalar>::quiet_NaN()
Particle::Scalar x0Limit = std::numeric_limits<Particle::Scalar>::quiet_NaN()
size_t x0Process = SIZE_MAX