Struct ActsFatras::LandauDistribution::param_type

struct param_type

Parameter struct that contains all distribution parameters.

Public Types

using distribution_type = LandauDistribution

Parameters must link back to the host distribution.

Public Functions

inline param_type(double location_, double scale_)

Construct from parameters.

param_type() = default
param_type(const param_type&) = default
param_type(param_type&&) = default
param_type &operator=(const param_type&) = default
param_type &operator=(param_type&&) = default

Public Members

double location = 0.0

Location parameter.


This is neither the mean nor the most probable value.

double scale = 1.0

Scale parameter.


inline friend bool operator!=(const param_type &lhs, const param_type &rhs)
inline friend bool operator==(const param_type &lhs, const param_type &rhs)

Parameters should be EqualityComparable.