Struct Acts::SurfaceBinningMatcher

struct SurfaceBinningMatcher

Public Types

using Range = std::pair<double, double>

The binning tolerance parameters.

Public Functions

SurfaceBinningMatcher() = default
inline SurfaceBinningMatcher(const std::vector<Range> &tolpars)
inline bool operator()(const Acts::GeometryContext &gctx, Acts::BinningValue bValue, const Acts::Surface *one, const Acts::Surface *other) const

Check function for surface equivalent.

  • gctx – [in] gctx the geometry context for this check

  • bValue – the binning value for the binning

  • one – first surface for checking

  • other – second surface for checking

Public Members

std::vector<Range> tolerances = {(int)binValues, {0., 0.}}